Council for Native American Indian Progress, Inc.

The Council for Native American Indian Progress Inc. is a not-for-profit, tax exempt, public organization,
incorporated in the States of New York and California under 501(c)(3) since 1972.

In 1996 we started producing the  World Culture Workshop  a weekly television show that has helped enrich and enlighten the public on views the Council saw necessary,
such topics included were from Amnesty International, efforts on saving the Amanaca  rainforest and other greenhouse issues,
also since animals can't talk we try to be their voices of reason and end animal testing and fur trading.
Our show was based on Music and Art with public service announcements to inform the viewing audience of news events and information.
For more info on what you can do to help your planet and the creatures that inhabit it with us please follow this link to the New York Wetlands.

As said by Dick Dale The King of the Surf guitar"
What I can see that the World Culture Workshop is doing
is that Music and Art brings everybody together,
you can either destroy with it or you can create with it.
The Council for Native American Indian Progress, Inc. 
looks like they are creating."

Scott Allen Meek Stephens (President)

Richard William Meek Stephens (Vice President)

Joeseph Caputo (Secretary)

Buddy Grecco (Treasurer)

Michael Moses (Engineer Director)

Sydney Stephens (Research Director)

William Stephens Jr. (Research Director)

Swathi Vardan    (Executive Attorney)      



All Donations are 100 % Tax Deductible under 501 (c)(3) for Fair Market or face value...
Organization Name: Council for Native American Indian Progress Inc.

You may send CASH or US Postal Money Order Donations to:

"Council for Native American Indian Progress, Inc."
P.O Box 263 Venice Calif. 90294

909 - 413 - 1569

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